Discovery Vitality

Discovery Vitality

Vitality members can join Curves!

Vitality is Discovery's scientific wellness programme which is designed to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

By interacting with Vitality, not only do you get healthier, but you also earn Vitality points and enjoy amazing health, leisure and lifestyle rewards.

No matter where you start, you'll find that Vitality is informative, fun and rewarding!

You can now join Curves

As a Vitality member joining Curves you will get special and exclusive discounts and, in some cases, have the registration fee waived completely.

Best of all - you'll earn 150 base fitness points per workout per day up to an annual maximum of 15 000 points per person (subject to the rules of Vitality).

If you want to join Curves through Vitality, please contact your closest Curves club branch to make an appointment for a free fitness assessment. The consultant will show you the facilities and explain how the programme works. Remember to take your Discovery membership card and identity document.

If you are already a Curves member and want to earn Vitality points for your workouts, speak to your club branch to have your details loaded as a Vitality member. You won't have any fee waived, but you will be able to earn points!

Learn more about the Vitality programme offered by Discovery. Click here.