4 Reasons to Buy at Your Local Farm Market


There’s nothing like the taste of fresh peas, ripe strawberries, or sun-kissed cherry tomatoes picked off the vine and popped in your mouth as you harvest them in the garden. But if you don’t have a backyard garden, your local farmer’s market is the next best thing. The produce sold at farmer’s markets is fresher than anything you’ll find in the grocery store and peak freshness equals maximum flavor. But great taste is only one of the reasons to shop at your local market. Here are four more. 


Superior nutrition

The fresher your produce, the more nutritious it can be. Once a fruit or vegetable has been plucked from the vine, nutrients begin to break down. The longer it takes for a veggie to get to your table, the less nutritious it is. Not only does time off the vine matter—and on average, supermarket produce travels far from farm to table—how that produce is handled makes a difference. Bruising and improper temperatures both speed the loss of nutrients.


Because of that long-distance transport, commercial farmers tend to grow varieties of vegetables and fruits that produce high yields and are more durable. Small, local growers are more likely to choose varieties for flavour and nutrition. When you have an option, choose heirloom varieties, which have not been bred for commercial purposes and produce fruits and vegetables richer in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.


Finally, local farmers may or may not use fully organic farming practices but most enrich their soil with compost or cover crops, which create a growing medium that plants love. Their roots reach deeper making them more efficient at taking up nutrients. And one of the best things about buying produce at a farmer’s market is that you can speak directly with the farmer about his or her farming practices.


Potentially lower costs

Every step of bringing a head of lettuce to your supermarket--from growing and harvesting, to transporting, to storing, to placing it in the store’s vegetable bins--adds to the cost. The farmer who picks her lettuce in the morning and takes it to the local farmer’s market may charge a lower price. 


New food ideas

Farmers love trying new varieties of plants. So, as you stroll past stands piled with produce, expect to find a vegetable or fruit you haven’t come across before. Talk with the farmer about this new gem—its taste, how to serve it or use it in a recipe. New veggie or old favourite, farmers are happy to share their recommendations for preparing and enjoying the fruits of their labour. Don’t be shy about asking for suggestions. 


A stronger community

As a Curves member, you understand the value of community—we’re stronger together. Shopping at your farmer’s market supports the growers in your area, preserves farmland, and boosts your local economy. It’s good for your health and the health of your community.

Go early, go often, and enjoy!


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