By Sabah Karimi

Being consistent with your workout regimen will help you stay in great shape for the long-run. However, sticking with a routine that is getting sub-par results could make you frustrated and likely to give up too soon.  

Whether you've been working out for years or are just getting started, make sure you haven't adopted some bad fitness habits that could be doing more harm than good. If you're not seeing results or seem to get bored of your routine too quickly, it's time to take stock of your current regimen and make some changes.  

Here are five bad fitness habits you need to break this week: 


1. Under-training 

You don't win points just for getting to your workout. While it might take some motivation to get going, make sure your energy is on pushing yourself to your limit and beyond whenever you can. Under-training will make your workouts just another activity in your day, not an effective workout. Make sure you give it your all and break a sweat for at least 30 minutes.


2. Doing the same workout

Resist the temptation to just do the same workout routine you did last month. Your body should be challenged or you'll be stuck in a workout rut. Try a  circuit training program this week or walk outdoors instead of on the treadmill to challenge your muscles.  


3. Poor form

When you are circuit training, walking or doing another exercise, it’s best to use proper form. Try and perform these exercises with a workout partner or coach so you're doing them correctly every single time. At Curves, there’s always a coach on the circuit to help motivate and correct your form if necessary.  


4. Getting distracted

When you're doing your workout, be present in the moment. Whether you’re walking or weight training, don't lose focus on the movements and make sure you are keeping good form all the way through. Chatting about last night’s TV show or even checking emails on your smart phone are both distractions that can take the value of your workout down a notch. Save your conversations for after. 


5. Holding your breath

This is an easy habit to adopt when you're trying something new. Pay attention to your breath so you're inhaling and exhaling deeply throughout your workout. Your body needs oxygen to keep those muscles moving and keep blood circulating. Holding your breath for even a few seconds too long can make you feel lightheaded and will also make it harder to push through those difficult exercises.  


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