It’s easy to blame winter for weight gain. The darkness, cold, and holiday treats aren’t exactly the best recipe for staying slim. Here’s a breakdown of seasonal weight roadblocks to losing or maintaining your weight and how to push them out of the way.


Spring: The best time of the year to lose weight

Spring is a hopeful season, including weight loss goals. Spring is perhaps the most conducive for weight loss, with bathing suit season looming and fresh fruits and vegetables abound.

What to do:

Make fresh your forte: Have a fresh spring mix salad for dinner, topped with some ripe in-season fruits. These fresh foods have a high fibre content. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found people who consumed eight extra grams of fibre for every 1,000 calories per day lost about four and a half pounds over the course of the study (which was just under two years).

Get out and about: At the end of a long winter, our bodies crave warm, fresh air.  According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health that looked at exercise habits of nearly 12,000 people, those who exercise outdoors at least some of the time are more active than those who always work out indoors. In fact, those who incorporated some outside activity logged more than two times as much exercise than those who always exercised inside. The moral: don’t leave your Curves circuits in the gym. Take what you’ve learned and recreate your own outdoor circuit to maximize your workout and elevate your mood.  

Switch from sweet coffee drinks to iced tea: Springtime beverages like freshly brewed unsweetened ice tea are naturally lighter and lower in calories than heavy winter drinks. As the weather warms, be conscious of the calories in the things you drink.



Summer: Get the summer body of your dreams

With the dog days of summer come lounging sessions by the pool, umbrella-clad drinks, and week-long vacations where our workout routines take a break, too.

What to do:

Water: With the sun shining (and sunblock on, of course!) there are so many water activities to take advantage of in summer. Being outdoors will make you more energized, and it’s a great opportunity to try new activities with the family. In addition to your Curves circuit, get fit while cooling off with activities like swimming laps at the local pool, surfing at the beach or even kayaking down a river. Challenge yourself and you may even find a new hobby too!

Beat the binge: Seasonal affective disorder (aka SAD) is a real thing. A study done at the University of Pittsburgh on people with winter affective disorder found that 27 percent reported binge eating during the darkest months of the year. Of them, 90 percent said they craved carbs more than normal during the cold winter months. In summer, it’s easier to kick carb cravings with refreshing seasonal produce. Focus your menu on no-cook, light meals like crunchy salads, fresh seafood and fruity smoothies – your taste buds and your body will thank you for it!

Exercise on vacation: It’s tempting to let your activity level slide during your long-awaited week away, but sticking to a routine can be good for your body and mind. Plan your exercise ahead of time and seek out a Curves at your vacation destination.

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