A simple step with a big impact!

Did you know that keeping a food diary can significantly improve your weight loss results? In fact, some research has shown that food diary keepers lose up to twice as much weight…just by keeping a food diary!


Why does it work?

Food diaries increase personal accountability and awareness. When you are writing down everything you are eating or recording it online, you can easily see how well you are following your plan. Recording your food intake can also help you think twice about taking an extra helping of mashed potatoes at dinner.


Keeping a food diary also helps to build awareness of why we eat which can help to form new habits. Are you truly hungry? Or just bored, lonely or stressed? If you keep a food diary, you’ll know!


Make the Most of your Food Diary

1. Plan ahead.

Look at your schedule at the start of each week and plan your meals accordingly. Think about what nights you can and can’t cook. Planning in this way sets you up for success and it also means you will make fewer substitutions during the week. Ultimately, this means better results!

2. Be portion precise.

It’s easy to overestimate portion sizes if we are just eyeballing foods. For the best results, measure your portion sizes as you cook and record those portions in your food diary.

3. Track throughout the day.   

It can be tempting to wait until the end of the day to track your meals. Unfortunately, we often forget what we ate and how much we ate shortly after a meal.

4. Track everything.  

Don’t forget the “munchies” you grab throughout the day. A couple of Smarties from your co-worker’s desk, a handful of almonds from your drawer, half a leftover cupcake from a friend…all of this adds up. Write down everything so you have an accurate view of your plan each day.

5. Don’t be ashamed.

If you ate a big bowl of ice cream, you might be tempted not to write it down. Don’t be ashamed. No one is perfect. Writing everything down will help you identify your obstacles. Writing it down is also important for your personal reflection. What lead you to eat the ice cream? Was it stress or loneliness? If so, how can you handle those feelings in a different way next time?


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* Results may vary from person to person