A complete exercise program includes both cardiovascular exercise or aerobic activity and strength training.  Both are important to help us stay healthy and get to or maintain our goal weight.  But a lot of women steer clear of strength training.  It’s a scary thought.  Heavy weights, lots of men, awkward exercises, and bulkiness are some phrases that pop up the minute strength training is uttered.  I’m here to tell you, strength training doesn’t have to be like that – it’s not for men only, you don’t have to lift a super human amount to weight to see benefit, it can actually be really easy, and you won’t become bulky!  I’m also here to tell you that strength really does matter, and strength training or resistance training is how we improve our strength.  Ladies, if you’re mainly doing cardio exercises like walking, running and swimming, you’re missing out on a very important component of overall fitness – strength training.  Why does it matter so much?  Well, I’ll tell you why:

  • Would you like to more easily play with your kids and grandkids?  Do you wish all those groceries felt a little lighter?  With consistent strength training, you’ll build more lean muscle and strengthen those muscles.  Over time, you’ll improve your strength and be able to lift those kids or grandkids high in the air and carrying in the groceries won’t seem like much of a chore anymore.  Increasing our strength just makes all of our daily activities easier.
  • Build strong bones.  Strength training is a form of exercise that will place stress on your bones.  Not in a negative way!  It’s considered weight bearing exercise and will help increase bone density.  This will reduce your risk for Osteoporosis. 
  • Rev up metabolism and burn body fat.  Muscle is the engine to our metabolism.  As we build more lean muscle, we improve our body’s metabolism which means our body becomes a fat burning machine!  As we improve our metabolism, we improve our body’s ability to burn calories, even while we are resting. 

These are just a few benefits that I know you do not want to miss, right? 

The beauty of the Curves workout is it combines both components of a complete program – cardio exercise and strength training – all in just 30 minutes.  The Curves Strength Machines use hydraulic resistance which is similar to water resistance.  The faster you move the machine, the more resistance you’ll feel.  So, there are no free weights to pick up and put down, and no need to guess how much weight you’re supposed to lift.  Along with all the other benefits listed above, strength training will give you a more lean and toned appearance.  Contrary to popular belief, you will not bulk up and look like Arnold.  So, you really have no excuse to skip your strength training!  Be sure to check out the interactive circuit on to see which muscles you are working on each machine.  Also ask your Coach to check your form to make sure you’re getting the most out of every repetition you perform. 

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