Our time at Curves and on our daily walks can be sacred alone time we hold dear to our hearts and wouldn’t even think of missing. It’s a time to “blow off steam” and escape from all the hustle and bustle in our everyday lives. But, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner… love is in the air!  Can you feel it?  The thought of “alone time” may have gone out the window and the only thought on your mind is spending time with your sweetie.    

This month team up with that special someone for a workout.  Sweating with your sweetie will strengthen your muscles and heart. It can help strengthen your relationship too.  Not only that, the added competitiveness between the two of you can help boost the intensity of your workout.  This means more calories burned all while spending quality time together. 


Here are just a few ideas to help you and your sweetheart get those hearts pumping!

  • Get those steps in…together! You’re walking your steps every day and making healthy changes to increase the amount of steps you take daily.  Good for you!  Now bring your hunny along. Enjoy an after dinner stroll together, march around the living room while watching nightly shows, or start the day off right with a brisk walk….together! With a buddy to walk with, you’re likely to not only walk a little further, but also a little faster for added calories burned!
  • Get adventurous! Whether it’s cold or warm where you’re at, there’s always a way to enjoy the great outdoors while bringing out one another’s adventurous spirit.  Hop in a canoe or kayak and enjoy the soothing qualities of the water while burning over 300 calories in just one hour. 
  • Take on a new challenge. Yep, I said it – try something new! (I can hear the gasps now) Does the thought of trying something brand new make you a little nervous? Good news, that’s normal! Boost your confidence with your sweetie at your side by taking on a new challenge together. Not sure where to start? Try a salsa class or improve your flexibility with yoga. Get your cardio on while helping others in need by signing up for a local charity 5k walk/run.


Those are a few ideas to get you two love bugs started.  Why not try all three? Have fun together while strengthening your heart physically and emotionally.


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