Have you ever made it home late at night, tired, with no plans for dinner, and then deciding on take-away or a convenience meal instead of cooking a healthy meal? This is the result of a lack of meal planning! Meal planning and preparation can take a lot of time, especially in a society that encourages ‘eating on the run’ and with so many quick and easy meal options available. Setting aside some extra time to plan your meals will prevent yourself from getting caught out and reaching for those ‘quick’ options, which are often high in fat and calories and detrimental to our weight loss goals! Why not try some of the following time saving tips when meal planning!  


Cook in Batches and Freeze

Cooking double or triple batches of meals is a great time-saving strategy! This means you will have a meal already prepared for another dinner later in the week. You could make multiple batches of meals over the weekend and freeze them in single serve portions and simply defrost and reheat on another day.


Be Snack Savvy

Rather than choosing a different snack for morning tea and afternoon tea every day, choose one or two snacks to have over the entire week. By doing this you can make sure you have plenty of the necessary ingredients on hand and for any snacks that need prior preparation such as vegetable sticks or salads, you can do enough for the week on one single day! Just make sure to choose different snacks for the following week to ensure variety in your diet. 


Read Ahead

 Have you ever planned a meal for dinner one night only to find out when you go to prepare the meal that one of the steps involved requires 1 or 2 hours of marinating, soaking or cooking time? By reading the recipe instructions ahead of time you can easily work out what methods or preparation for a meal can be done ahead of time! 


Make Dinner your Lunch

Choosing seven different dinners and seven different lunches in the week means you need to prepare fourteen meals in the week, and this is excluding breakfast and snacks! As Curves Complete offers the same lunch and dinner options, why not choose the same dinner recipe for lunch the following day? That way you can prepare double quantities of dinner and keep half for lunch the next day cutting your meal preparation time in half!


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