Valentine’s Day


Saint Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day to help remind us to celebrate love and romance and to show appreciation of a special someone in our lives. However, it seems the most common way that this love and affection is shown across the world is through the exchange and giving of copious amounts of candies, beautifully decorated and elaborate cupcakes, cute heart-shaped chocolates and cookies. All things sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. In addition, this day is often spent going out for a decadent meal, followed by a rich dessert and copious amounts of wine or champagne - Perhaps followed by a movie with popcorn. This can make it difficult when you are trying to lose weight. The great news is, Valentine’s Day can still be celebrated without derailing your health and wellness goals!


1.       Make a romantic meal

Rather than going out for a meal, why not stay at home and have a romantic meal for two! The calories you will save by making a healthy meal at home means you could even enjoy a glass of wine. Try cooking your partner’s favourite meal or simply follow one of the great recipes from the Curves Complete recipe list! Not only is it healthy, it’s delicious, romantic and won’t interfere with your weight loss goals.


2.       Go on an active date

Planning on going to the cinemas this year on Valentine’s Day?  Why not propose a romantic picnic for two instead. Pack a basket with your favourite healthy goodies, put on your walking shoes and let nature bring the romance. Take your bikes and head off on a bike ride afterwards or even a nice stroll through the park.


3.       Make your own sweet treats

Kindly let your partner know in advance that you would prefer not to receive commercial chocolates and sweets this year. Instead try your hand at making your own. Fresh fruit dipped in dark chocolate will give you a great dose of antioxidants and vitamins! Just remember, if you are following the Curves Complete meal plan, save one of your day time snacks if you would like to have dessert.


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