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Is Curves Complete a high protein fad diet?

No - Curves Complete is a calorie controlled diet with an adequate protein, carbohydrates and low fat distribution. Our weight loss program focuses on slow releasing carbohydrates, regular eating, low sodium (salt) intake, encouragement of fibre, promotion of healthy fats and adequate fluid (water) intake

Are artificial sweeteners safe to use during weight loss?

Most artificial sweeteners don’t provide calories, but their use is somewhat controversial. We suggest using them in moderation if you would like to incorporate them into your diet to use fewer calories. Xylitol and sucralose, which are more natural sweeteners, have the most research for their safety.

Do I have to eat breakfast?

Yes - Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism and literally “breaks the fast” from a night of sleeping. If you wake up and hit the road, you might not feel hungry, but your body’s metabolism is moving very slowly. Wake your metabolism up with a healthy breakfast within about 45 minutes of getting up.

Do I have to eat before I exercise?

Yes - You don’t have to eat a full meal, but at least eat a little something. Whether it is yogurt or fruit. Having something in your stomach will get your metabolism going and give you more energy for your workout and prevent muscle mass from breaking down for fuel.

Can I still follow Curves Complete while breastfeeding?

Yes - Breastfeeding is a very healthy choice for both mom and baby, and will contribute to help with weight loss. But the diet will be adapted slightly to provide sufficient energy for the additional caloric need.

Can children follow Curves Complete?

Yes - But parents should first discuss this with their doctor/pediatrician.  Children are still growing, so calorie restriction is not always the best strategy for weight loss.  Curves Complete may need to be tweaked a little to meet the nutritional needs associated with growth and development.  If the doctor approves, then she can participate.  We do however prefer lifestyle changes to an official diet for children.

Will Curves Complete lower my cholesterol level?

Yes - The Curves Complete plan is low in saturated fat (which is the most important thing when it comes to cholesterol) since it includes lean protein, low fat dairy products and no fried foods. The added benefit of losing weight as a part of this plan, address the two most important factors that impact cholesterol levels. In addition, by eating whole grains, plenty of fruits and free vegetables fibre intake is increased, which further assists to lower cholesterol.

Does my coffee and tea contribute towards my daily fluid intake?

No - Only unsweetened herbal tea can count towards your water needs for the day. Tea is not only hydrating, it contains many antioxidants that can protect you from disease. You may consume coffee, but it does not count toward your total water needs. You may have diet soda, but you should not count it as water. There is nothing more hydrating than water and herbal tea.

Is the Curves Complete appropriate for individuals with diabetes?

Yes - An ideal “diabetic” diet is controlled in carbohydrates throughout the day and focuses on healthy carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables – just like Curves Complete! Individuals with diabetes should check with their doctor or dietician first to confirm how their medication should be adjusted for Curves Complete. Once they have confirmed this with their doctors, it can be a great plan for them. Did you know that 5% weight loss often restores insulin sensitivity in those with Type 2 diabetes?

Is Curves Complete very strict about the foods planned in the diet?

No - Curves Complete uses weekly meal plans that are sent to a member, which she can change online depending on what she wants to eat or what is available at her house. We also have an exchange system that allows for flexible meal planning and meal substitutions.

How do I feed my family while I am following this plan?

The meal plans in this plan are healthy meals that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Remember- eating healthy is not just about losing weight. Eating healthy can help prevent disease. Your entire family can benefit from these healthy foods. Many people in your family may need a larger portion size, and that’s okay! Just make a little extra.

I am gluten Intolerant – can Curves Complete accommodate for this?

Yes - Gluten free menus and recipes are available on Curves Complete. The exchange system can also be used to swap carbohydrates for gluten free carbohydrates.

I am lactose Intolerant: How can I follow the plan?

You can substitute milk, yogurt and cheese with soy milk, lactose-free milk, soy yogurt and soy cheeses. Compared to milk, cottage cheese and yogurt have about half the amount of lactose, so these items are often well tolerated in moderation. Cheeses have very little lactose, so some people tolerate cheeses very well.

Will the medication that I am on influence my weight loss?

Certain medications can make it difficult to lose weight. These include medications for depression, blood pressure, cortisone, Insulin (if administering too much, eating too much) and thyroid. This should however not stop you in any way to do Curves Complete.

Is Curves Complete only for women?

Yes – However, the diet can be adapted to accommodate men by adding extra calories.

I work night shift, which messes up my routine - Will Curves Complete be able to help me?

Yes - The biggest problem for individuals that work the night shift is that they rarely set up structured meal times, but rather kind of eat around the clock. When you are munching all night long, the calories can really add up without realizing it. Curves Complete can help to set up a regular meal schedule in order to stick to the calories for the phase you are on. In addition to regular meal times, convenience options (ready prepared meals) are also available.

Can I follow Curves Complete while pregnant?

No - Unfortunately, the calorie level on Curves Complete is not appropriate for someone that is pregnant. We recommend that you go on medical hold with Curves Complete and start it back up after you have the baby.

Does Curves Complete accommodate for fasting such as Ramadan?

Yes - It can be difficult for members to lose weight during times of fasting. The good news is that it is usually only for a short amount of time, so they can jump right back to a normal schedule once it is over. Our coaches will advise how to handle the meals allowed.

What is the rate of Weight loss I can expect?

According to the National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization, 0.45kg – 0.9kg of weight loss per week leads to permanent weight loss. Slow weight loss preserves lean muscle tissue. And remember, muscle is the key to metabolism!

Do I have to eat all of this food and these snacks?

Yes - Eating throughout the day keeps your metabolism up and burns calories. If you are not used to eating three meals and two snacks, just give it some time. After about two weeks you will notice that you are hungry for each meal and snack as your body adapts.

I have hypothyroidism - can I still lose weight on this plan?

Yes -It may be more difficult for individuals with thyroid issues to lose weight, but it is certainly not impossible. People with thyroid issues tend to do better when the refined carbohydrates are restricted. Strength training is also very important since it will increase metabolically active muscle.  You should however speak with your doctor or pharmacist about the timing of your medication and if any foods or supplements are contraindicated.

Can I drink too much water?

Not usually - In general 2 litres is a good average amount of fluid to consume. Larger individuals or those that are very active may need more water. We recommend that you drink the 2 litres and then simply respond to thirst beyond that point. Water intoxication is rare under normal circumstances. Water intoxication is also known as hyponatremia, which usually happen when individuals are engaging in extreme activity (like a marathon) they are losing a lot of electrolytes, so if they replace fluid with straight water, they can dilute their body's concentration of electrolytes.

What is a healthy goal weight?

In general, BMI (body mass index) is used to determine healthy body weight. This is simply a ratio of your height to your weight. This website will help you calculate BMI and determine an appropriate weight for a certain height. Sometimes, this one tool is discouraging by itself. Waist to Hip ratio or waist circumference is an even better indicator of health. Women should strive for a waist circumference less than 88 cm, while men should aim for less than 102 cm.

Why am I gaining weight when dieting?

It is possible to lose inches and body fat and no weight.  This is due to adding weight in muscle and losing fat.  If this is done equally, the body weight will not change, but percent body fat and centimetres can decrease. Remember, the scale isn’t everything.

Why do you use whey protein in your shakes and not soya protein?

The switch was made from soy to whey because many members did not want soy in their protein shake - individuals that have had breast cancer or have thyroid issues tend to avoid soy. Whey protein is also better for muscle recovery!

I am a vegan – will Curves Complete be able to give me vegan menus?

No - We do not have specific menus for vegans (this is the strictest type of vegetarian that excludes all animal products, even dairy and eggs). We do however, provide vegetarian menus that include both dairy and eggs. You can still do the plan and modify existing recipes using our exchanges to make them more appropriate for you.

* Results may vary from person to person