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Help women gain health, strength, confidence, and purpose with a Curves Franchise
We are passionate about finding the right people to represent our brand and continue our mission of ‘Strengthening Women’. Curves provides the opportunity to combine skills in business with a love of helping people to achieve their goals.

Why Curves?

Curves is a global brand and a leader in women’s fitness. We will support you every step of the way.


Curves is a community of caring support. Our dedicated Operations, Marketing, and IT teams will continue to support will guide you through your entire Curves journey, covering all areas of running your business.
curves silverlakes
“From being a member to becoming an owner, I have enjoyed every part of my Curves journey. Curves is a community filled with amazing, empowered women. Being able to wake up every morning and knowing that I am about to help ladies achieve their goals and live healthier, is a true blessing. I don’t think of Curves as a job, I think of it as a lifestyle. Curves is unique. Women can accomplish their goals, by coming in to do their 30-minute workout (strength training, cardio and stretching) and still have time for their daily tasks. So why Curves? Because Curves works!”
— Dinet, Curves Silverlakes
curves klerksdorp
“Curves became a Part of my life in un unsuspected way, we were blessed with the opportunity to own a business and I soon realized what Curves actually does. Curves is so much more than a gym, it’s a community of woman picking each other up and letting them know that they are worthy and enough! It became such a big part of my life. Curves gave me the opportunity to be a business owner, but more than that to strengthen so many woman over the part 9 years. It’s the small wins that makes what we do so valuable.”
Hilde, Curves Klerksdorp
curves castle walk
“We became the co-owners of Curves Castlewalk to create a positive impact in woman’s lives. These ladies come to us with tears shallow in their eyes and at a point of despair, where all feels lost and they have just about given up on any health or fitness ambitions they had when they were younger or before they had kids. They often have two full-time jobs (career and home executive) and do not have time or energy to look after their own health and well-being. They just want someone to listen to their needs and help them lose some weight/ become healthier/ give them some “me time”. At Curves we strengthen our members inside and out, resulting in happier, healthier, and stronger women.”
Henry and Elaine, Curves Castle Walk

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